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The idea of buying property abroad is gaining popularity among the residents of the UK. The idea seems to be very attractive unless you have started for searching a property of your dreams on your own. The search, its authenticity, arranging for a mortgage in a foreign county particularly if you do not speak the local language could actually turn into a complicated matter.

With extensive experience over the years in dealing with overseas properties and mortgages, ‘Remote Mortgage’ can provide you with all the information you require to purchase a property in the most preferred countries like France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and many more.

We provide a range of property services abroad like buying, selling, arranging for remortgage on an existing property in UK or arrange for a mortgage on an international property investment.


Retirement Abroad


If you always dreamed of living abroad, then let us tell you that retirement abroad is no more a privilege of only the rich and famous. Each year many of the residents of UK are turning their dream of possessing overseas properties into actuality. A growing number of people who are on the verge of retirement or have already retired are purchasing overseas properties such as villas, apartment or houses. They all plan to live there permanently or travel there during their vacations while enjoying their retired life.

What lures many Britons to leave UK and look for another place to live is always not just the warm climate. Many of them are attracted by the lower cost of living which will help them lead a better quality of life than what their pension in UK can provide. Properties in Spain, Cyprus, France, Italy, and Portugal remain to be extremely popular destinations after retirement due to their well-known high standards of living. Turkey and Bulgaria are two new places that are gaining popularity as retirement destinations abroad, for various good reasons like comfortable living at a low cost. 

Our Services


Over the years we have been helping the private property buyers, developers, investors to buy and sell flats, houses, land as well as commercial areas abroad. We also make arrangements for mortgages which you might require for investing in your new property.

Our website brings you the latest news about property markets abroad. We feature great deals on property and offer property investment solutions along with mortgage planning. We list prime properties which come at a competitive rate.

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With an overwhelming growth in the property market and new developments happening in various parts of the world, we bring you the choicest of properties in various destinations.

We can help you fulfil your dreams if you are looking for the best properties abroad to live or just want one for investment. In case you do not have enough personal savings we also arrange for mortgages.

Contact us for advice and out expert team will discuss with you about the different options available. So get prepared to buy your dream villa in Spain, an apartment in Italy, holiday villa in Bulgaria or a spacious apartment in Turkey. The choice is all yours!

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